Hurghada City Center


10AM TO 12AM

The Aamal Group invites you to become a part of Hurghada City Center: a vibrant and energetic landmark in Red Sea development. HCC is redefining modern living, blending business, leisure, and sleek modern architecture in one comprehensive venue.

Hurghada City Center is an investment in quality living. With a portfolio of business investment opportunities alongside world-class serviced accommodation, HCC aspires to become the top touristic and shopping destination in the Red Sea region.

With a range of services and activities on offer, HCC is set to become the heart of the pulsing, vibrant city of Hurghada, offering residents and tourists a centralised and comfortable place to enjoy their sunny days and lively nights by the sea. 

Hurghada City Center will also play a key role in revitalizing Egypt’s economy by attracting more local and foreign investment and by contributing in building a booming tourism industry.